Documents list

List all documents belonging to a user profile and which satisfies certain criteria.

Action: issuu.documents.list


This method requires authentication.

Request parameters

Name Data type Description
apiKey (required) string Application key for the account
signature (required) string See Signing Requests
documentStates list Comma-separated list document states indicated by a single char:
"A" - Active documents
"F" - Documents that failed during conversion
"P" - Documents that are currently being processed.
Leave this field blank to list all documents regardless of state
access enum enum "public" or "private". If no value is submitted both "public" and "private" documents will be returned
origins list Comma-separated list of document origins. Valid values are: "apiupload", "apislurp", "singleupload", "multiupload", "singleslurp", "multislurp" and "autoslurp" (i.e. SmartLook)
Leave this field blank to list all documents regardless of origin
orgDocTypes list Comma-separated list of original document formats:
"pdf", "odt", "doc", "wpd", "sxw", "sxi", "rtf", "odp" and "ppt"
orgDocName string Original filename of document
resultOrder enum "asc" or "desc". Default value is "asc"
startIndex integer Zero based index to start pagination from
pageSize integer Maximum number of documents to be returned. Value must be between 0 - 30. Default is 10
documentSortBy enum Response parameter to sort the result by. Sorting can only be done on a single parameter. Default is no particular sort order
responseParams list Comma-separated list of response parameters to be returned. If no value is submitted all parameters will be returned
format enum Must be "xml" or "json" - default is "xml". See Getting started for further details
jsonCallback string function wrapper for JSONP requests. See Getting started for further details

Example request:

http \
    &apiKey=g0ch5rj9ywztlo022w70naymutm2fbbg \
    &startIndex=0 \
    &pageSize=10 \
    &documentStates=A \
    &orgDocTypes=pdf,doc \

Response parameters

Name Data type Description
username string Owner of document
name string Name of document Combined with username this defines documents location on Issuu:{username}/docs/{name}
publicationId string Unique assigned id of the publication formatted as 32 hex digits. The id remains constant for all revisions of a publication.
revisionId string Identifier of the current revision of a publication. When a new revision is uploaded this id will change while the publicationId remains constant. A revisionId is only unique within a given publication.
documentId string Concatenated value of revisionId and publicationId (with a hyphen in between).
title string Title of the document
access enum "public" or "private"
errorCode string If document has failed conversion this parameter will give more information about the reason. See Conversion Error Codes
category enum Category to which the content belongs
type enum Physical format of publications
orgDocType enum Format of original file
orgDocName string the original filename of the uploaded document
origin enum the source of the document
language enum Language Code for the document
pageCount integer The number of pages in the document
publishDate date Timestamp for when this document was published
description string Description of the content
tags list Keywords describing the document
warnings list Properties of the original file which could have affected the quality of the finished document. See Conversion Warning Codes
folders list The folders containing this documents

Example responses


<rsp stat="ok">
  <document username="lekkim" name="racing" documentId="090623122351-f691a27cfd744b80b25a2c8f5a51d596" title="Race cars" access="public" state="P" category="012000" type="009000" origin="singleupload" pageCount="0" ep="1245759831" description="Race cars of Le Man 2009">
      <tag value="cars"/>
      <tag value="le man"/>
      <tag value="racing"/>
      <folder id="3935f331-5d5b-4694-86ce-6f26c6dee809"/>


    "rsp": {
        "_content": {
            "document": {
                "username": "lekkim",
                "name": "racing",
                "documentId": "090623122351-f691a27cfd744b80b25a2c8f5a51d596",
                "title": "Race cars",
                "access": "public",
                "state": "P",
                "category": "012000",
                "type": "009000",
                "origin": "singleupload",
                "pageCount": 0,
                "ep": 1245759831,
                "description": "Race cars of Le Man 2009",
                "tags": [
                    "le man",
                "folders": [
        "stat": "ok"

Error codes

Code Message
009 Authentication required
010 Invalid API key
200 Required field is missing
201 Invalid field format